In case you hadn’t heard

If you hadn’t heard, I have news to share: I’m running to be the next Third Vice Chair of the Guilford County Democratic Party. I am insanely proud of the work I have done over this past year as First Vice Chair of the 13th District, but it is time to move forward, and my next calling is with my county party. I hope to bring energy, commitment, and new ideas to the role, and so I’d like to share some of those ideas with you here: my platform calls for taking our party’s communications to the next level, which we can only do together, and empowering the members of our party to become effective communicators themselves. To learn more, keep reading!

My Platform For Third Vice Chair


Reinvigorate our party’s digital face

In our constantly-innovating digital reality, it is more important than ever to have a robust, fresh social media presence. The party needs to be present, active, and engaging on all major social networks, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While still maintaining decorum and professionalism, we have to go beyond op-eds and press releases: it is the age of the clapback, of the meme, of #relatable content. By using the same results-oriented and data-driven strategies I applied as two-term Communications Director of the UNCG College Democrats, we can grow our online presence just as if not more astronomically.

Engage with our neighbors where they are

We cannot only show up at our neighbors’ doors when we need a check and a vote and actually expect them to give us either. Approaching this from a perspective of communications and public relations, if we want our message to be heard, we cannot wait for people to come to us and hear it. We need to show up at the marches, the community meetings, and wherever else our neighbors are, and to do so not as individuals but as Democrats, because the best way to communicate to people that we will be there for them is to be there with them. By doing so, we can build an infrastructure of engagement and a community of trust that allows our message to be heard — in short, if the community can count on us to show up for them, then we will in turn be able to count on them to show up for us.

Utilize our human resources to spread our message

There is no power like people power. Optimization-based digital strategies are all well and good, but ultimately, our message has to have good messengers if we want to see it spread far and wide, and we can only accomplish this together. We must make a commitment to one another to talk to our neighbors and to boost our party’s voice, both on the digital stage and in person. I cannot accomplish this without you, which is why from day one, our communications team will expand to include every Democrat in the county. I hope to help ensure that our precincts have a robust presence on and off social media and to work with the rest of our board to provide trainings to help individual members of our party become better communicators for our values. Only together can we make our voices heard to create positive change.

Feel free to shoot me an email or a DM with any questions you have or leave feedback by commenting. Convention is March 30th — I’ll see you there.

Cover photo by Regina Pearson.

  1. Nick Divitci

    I fully support you for 3rd Vice Chair. Unfortunately, due to a unexpected but temporary health issue I will not be at the convention to vote for you. Good luck!

  2. Edward Bruce Keohohou

    If you or Turk, can check to see if Greensboro College has a College Democrats org. Thanks!

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