It’s funny how different summers are. I’ve been out of school for over a year now: mid-to-late August just isn’t the same. Of course, I still live in a college town, and the rhythms of academia persist — between NCA&T, UNCG, Greensboro College, Guilford College, Bennett College, and probably some others, the population of Greensboro noticeably swells when school picks back up. The drive through UNCG’s campus that Matt and I take on the way home from the store was not a visit to the ghost town we’d become accustomed to since May. It’s a time of change, and it’s a time of change off-campus, too.

I’ve told a lot of people this in very excited tones already, but Matt just got a new job after nearly a year spent looking. Meanwhile, I’m in a new role at work, and what I’m doing now is something that I’m really excited about being able to do. Oh, and Matt and I are now into our third month of wedded bliss, which is the most exciting adventure of all. I keep getting asked how married life is, and I always just reply, “Well, it’s mostly the same as engaged life, except that we have less stress and more stuff.” It’s a flippant reply and it’s true in many ways, but it’s also not the whole story. There have been a lot of little differences that are hard to describe as a whole but come to mind readily as individual milestones: the electricity of getting to say, “I’m going shopping with my husband,” the mundane excitement of Matt being able to get a savings account at my credit union, the headache of realizing that figuring out taxes come Spring is now going to be a team sport.

Changes in life aren’t all amazing. The same day I learned I was getting my promotion at work, my Great Aunt Judi (z”l) passed away unexpectedly. And slightly less traumatically (though only slightly), my and Matt’s favorite coffee shop just closed after six wonderful years of serving the community. That’s bittersweet, which is fitting: coffee can be bittersweet, too. The space and sense of community which was created at The People’s Perk transcended four walls in more ways than I can understand. That kind of love and family ripples outward into the world, echoing back on itself into infinity. I will always be grateful to have been a small part of those wavelengths, and to have intersected in so many ways with so many people. Nevertheless, it was a good cup of coffee, and I’m sad to see it go.

Change can be scary and thrilling and wonderful and horrible, usually all at once. If the world were static, if nothing ever happened, that would be the most boring existence of all. The rhythms of change can be a comfort, too, in their own way: “this too shall pass.” I’m very lucky that the pendulum has mostly swung toward the good for me in the last month or so. Hopefully, when it swings back, it won’t stay toward the bad for too long. But how are you? What changes have been happening in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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