Growing up, I spent a lot of time and energy denying that I was gay, suppressing any aspects of myself that I felt were feminine …

June 4, 2019


Map: N.C. Population Density & Race, 1860–1890
Something I’ve always been fascinated by is change, the way populations shift (either location or activity) across time. One of my favorite maps I’ve made …

March 28, 2019


Star Stuff
Timelapse photo of a lunar eclipse
  January 20, 2019. The night of the super wolf blood moon, which is a highly sensationalist way of saying that the Earth came between …

January 21, 2019

Elijah J. Mears is a digital branding professional and writer living in North Carolina. When not working on his novel or helping get good people elected to public office, you can often find him honing his baking skills, working through his reading pile, or roaming Greensboro with his camera.

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