Downtown Greensboro on a February Morning
I woke up late this morning and went out to grab some coffee and was pretty pleased with some of the photos I got downtown. …

February 20, 2021


It Feels Weird
I’m sitting at my desk writing this post knowing that in a few minutes I need to go ahead and clear everything off the top …

December 11, 2020


What do you call someone from Greensboro?
You would think that a city of nearly 300,000 people would have a word for what you call people who live there. Yet, the city …

June 19, 2020


Si Vales, Bene Est; Ego Valeo
Recently there was a thing going around on Twitter about buying stamps to help support the USPS. It hasn’t been doing very well since the …

April 29, 2020

Elijah J. Mears is a digital branding professional and writer living in North Carolina. When not working on his novel or helping get good people elected to public office, you can often find him honing his baking skills, working through his reading pile, or roaming Greensboro with his camera.

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